Horton Berner Fashion Group is one of Canada’s leading Fashion Showrooms. Founded in 1973, we are known for bringing Western Canadian retailers the best that the wholesale fashion industry has to offer. We showcase a variety of brands from Germany, the UK, Australia, Netherlands, USA and Canada. We strive to be a retailer’s one-stop-shop offering a diverse portfolio of brands including mens and ladies apparel, accessories, footwear, jewelry, and grooming products, with a wide variety in price point and, demographic.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to exceptional customer service, while supplying quality product to both leading retail chains and independent fashion boutiques.


Trade Shows

Fall 2022

  • Metro Apparel Show, Vancouver, Feb 4th -8th FX Building Suite 195
  • Metro Apparel Show, Vancouver, Mar 17th - 22nd FX Building Suite 195
  • Trends Apparel Show, Edmonton, Mar 11th - 13th Edmonton Expo Center

Spr 2023

  • Metro Apparel Show, Vancouver, Aug 2022 FX Building Suite 195
  • Metro Apparel Show, Vancouver, Sep 2022 FX Building Suite 195


Horton Berner Fashion Group Ltd
195-1951 Glen Drive Vancouver, BC  V6A 4J6
P: 604 688 2365